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Job Hunting Series: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) – Interview Process


DISCLAIMER: What I’m about to share are my own experiences. It will only serve as a guide but cannot guarantee that you will also undergo the same process. Also, I’m not allowed to disclose any other information like salary range and details about the contact person/HR reps.


7/21/2018 – I applied for the Accounting Assistant Position in BPI thru JobStreet

7/26/2018 – I received a text message from BPI telling me that I’m invited for an Initial Screening. They asked me to bring a resume and transcript of records / copy of grades.

8/1/2018 – Initial Screening. I was interviewed by a HR representative along with 4 other applicants. We were each asked to state our names and the position we want to apply for one by one then the HR rep asked us questions like:

  • Why did you resigned from your previous job?
  • Are you willing to work in Makati? If not, what branch would you like to be assigned in?
  • How is your transportation like if ever you are accepted by the Bank?

It was a 2-4 minute interview then we logged our information in a computer to register our application. After that, we headed to the exam room. We took an aptitude exam and only five of us passed. We were about 10-15 applicants who took the exam. Wag kayong manghula haha read all of the questions thoroughly but don’t stay in one item for too long because the time limit is only 20 minutes with 40 questions to answer so if possible, read it fast but at the same time, understand it.

After passing the exam, we filled up some forms and then were interviewed again one by one by the same HR rep. She told me the next step in the application process and asked to wait for the confirmation text and for the schedule of the final interview.

8/6/2018 – After 2 working days, I received a text message from BPI stating the date and location of the final interview.

8/7/2018 – Final Interview. 3 group heads interviewed me for the position. The questions that were asked were mostly about my passion for working as an Accounting Assistant. Like if I’m okay working without much increase as compared to my previous salary package. I didn’t want to lie and be all “Yes, I’m willing to do anything so please just hire me!”. I didn’t want to sell myself short so I didn’t show any enthusiasm – I think I looked hesitant while doing the interview. Anyway, I didn’t hear anything from them from then on until…

8/16/2018 – I received a text from another HR rep telling me that I’m invited for a final interview again. This time, they provided a different contact person in a different floor. I would have grab this opportunity if it weren’t for a job offer in another company soo..

Good luck!

– C


Lakas maka-resurrection, isa lang naman ‘yung naging post hahahaha…

I didn’t have time to write here because of work and personal life but I’m back! I’m here! It’s an awkward proclamation actually since no one ever reads my blog. I’ll just pretend I’m talking to someone I guess..

Expect more posts to come! 🙂


[Review] Tori Ichi Yakitori and Bar

Wassuuuup! My mom and I went to this newly opened japanese restaurant in Alabang after seeing my dermatologist and I’ve been craving for some japanese food after a long while so why not.

When we arrived at the place, we were immediately served with their parang minatamis na dilis ( I don’t know what it is called pero parang ganon haha) as the appetizer. So for starters, we ordered 2 brewed Iced Tea and a Miso Soup (forgot to take a photo oops) then this ..

California Roll P240

Damn. California Maki is like a staple in every japanese restaurant for me even if it’s not considered as genuinely japanese. Anyway, I prefer my maki oozing with japanese mayo but this one doesn’t have mayo at all so it didn’t strike an impression for me. Nonetheless, it is still very delicious.

The staff were quite attentive to their customers because when we ate the maki, my mom put tons of wasabi into her soy sauce then she started coughing from the spiciness. The waiter then came within seconds to deliver water to our table (‘di nila ako binigyan though. Kailangan ko daw muna maubo bago nila ako bigyan lols). Plus pogi points si kuya (^o^)d

Egg Rice P90

Forgot to take a picture of the yakitori *facepalm*. Anyway, I ate this Egg Rice with a yakitori beef rib eye for P85 per stick. The yakitori didn’t taste like those cooked in our homes so it got me wondering how it was cooked; also, it didn’t taste like local beef – i guess the beef was imported hence, the price. Was it worth it? ‘di ko alam maliit lang kasi ‘yung serving niya mas malaki pa ‘yung bbq sa kanto.

For the Egg Rice, the egg is kind of bland but maybe it’s because the egg was poached and I never had poached egg before so I don’t know if it is supposed to be bland. They topped it off with teriyaki sauce so it’s okay.

Satsumaimo P120

This is the dessert that we had – kamote with syrup and ice cream. I was supposed to order their matcha ice cream because matcha is life but my mom ordered the Satsumaimo first and the waiter said that it is already good for two so I sacrificed my matcha for my mom’s order; but it’s okay, I’m happy if my mom is happy ehe.

If I were to rate this like any other food blog does, I’d give it a 7.5 out of 10. The food was good and authentic but I wasn’t shooketh. The ambiance was calm and relaxing so it’s a plus for me. I might go back here to eat and drink by myself – you know para sa “me time” moments. Also, pwede ako magpaka-introvert dito kasi secluded yung place, hirap hanapin. If I didn’t saw the posters in the mall, I would never know it existed.

Yun lang, ’til our next foodventure! ~